20 de July de 2016


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Nestled in the heart of the Lesser Antilles, Martinique lies 4,423 Km from Sao Paulo, 2,345 km from Miami. With an excellent road network, state of the arts medical facilities and European standards infrastructures, modern day Martinique is truly “a bit of France in the heart of the Caribbean.” It exudes an alluring and distinctly French sensibility in the excellence of its cuisine and rhums, the chic sophistication of its fine resorts and hotels, its fashion and art scene, and more. Yet Martinique has a cachet all its own; an endearing West Indian warmth in its personality, a special spice in its music and dance, its local dishes, its rich cultural heritage, and way of life.

If your idea of a great vacation involves picture perfect beaches, then the island of Martinique is for you. In the south, a plethora of white sand beaches dots the entire southern Caribbean coast. Swimmers will especially appreciate the secluded lagoon feel of the clear waters along the southern Atlantic coast. Vacationers can enjoy the unique and lush setting of black sand beaches in the North. The Northern part is also well known for its surf spots, especially on the Atlantic side where you can enjoy 10 famous locations on site, from Tartane to Le Prêcheur. From exploring unique ilets to entering luxuriant mangroves, canoe kayak is a great way to discove Martinique’s rich nature. Martinique features more than 90 dive sites! Water temperatures range between 80- and 86- degrees Fahrenheit with excellent visibility and abundant sea life. And experience the new attraction in trying to swim like a dolphin or propel you into the air with the Flyboard, a device that can propel you up to 7 meters. Thrills guaranteed!

It is an island with style, a special place offering dynamic business opportunities, stable political status, and highly trained labor forces.

With so much to offer, Martinique indeed… C’est Magnifique!

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