4 de February de 2015

Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux | by Sopexa



 As wise communicators, the members of the Union know that the corollary to producing a very great wine is the need to publicise it. The size and the diversity of the vineyards of the Gironde impose on the owners the obligation to make themselves better known. With more than 10,000 châteaux and 57 appellations, the vineyards of Bordeaux are larger than all of Australia’s and cover the same area of those of the Côtes du Rhône, the Alsace and the Loire (Muscadet, Anjou and Saumur) combined. Such diversity renders indispensable a contribution from the owners to the training and education of those who dictate consumer choice, in particular the youngest among them. This imperative assumes even greater importance for the fact that the marketing of the majority of the Grands Crus is specific and original. It is conducted exclusively through the merchants of the Place de Bordeaux. This system offers a very great advantage to the viticultural property, which is generally not endowed with a fully fleshed out marketing department. It is also provides the property with important information on the marketing of its wines (sales price, distribution, etc.). Hence the interest in multiplying the contacts with the distribution channels in the course of tasting events.

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