Who We Are

EST. 2011

Founded in 2011 by Caroline Putnoki, a Frenchwoman from Guyana established in Sao Paulo, Cap Amazon Tropical Marketing® is the fruit of a shared love for travelling, Art de Vivre and a coincidental deep connection with the Amazon rainforest. With strong individual roots in Brasil as well as in North America, France and others countries, all its partners take pride in their open-mindness, adaptability, versatility and capacity to capture the unspoken signs of cultural behaviours. Our inspiration comes from these diverse backgrounds and our taste for traveling, always pursuing new experiences and a fresh perspective on things turned invisible by routine. With a strong experience on travel and art de vivre, and a great partnership with Sopexa, the international Agency 100% dedicated to Food, Drink & Lifestyle, we are still a Boutique Agency, but we are able to offer our services in Brasil and abroad. Shareholders and team members, we are proud to share our values, trust, professionalism, integrity and proactivity, which have consolidated the success of Cap Amazon Tropical Marketing®.

Our Values

Art de Vivre

Existence is a fact, but living is an art. No matter what we are doing, we are passionate about seeking happiness in sharing moments, savoir-faire and stories in simplicity.

Internationally Local

Inspiration is an internal as well as an external process. We believe an agency needs deep local roots to function, but inspiration needs diversity and having our views challenged to function.

What We Do

Cap Amazon Tropical Marketing® is headquartered in the cosmopolitan city of São Paulo, the most challenging business hub in Brasil and South America. Our “360” expertise includes consulting, strategic planning, market research, social medias management, promotion and public relations services, for national and international organizations, national and local governments, food, wine, travel or tourism companies.

We believe that quality is more important than quantity, that each client is unique and that we have to customize our approach, coming up with creative solutions to achieve concrete results and projects’ objectives. Among our in-home talented people are trade marketing specialists, events experts, creative designers, social medias managers and journalists.

We provide our services – directly or with our partner Sopexa – in the following areas: trade marketing (workshops, famtours, roadshows, participation in fairs and sales calls), press relations (preparation of press releases, clipping, events and trips with journalists and digital influencers), launch (campaigns, branding, trade and press events, gastronomic festivals) and Social Media (content production and programming, and community management, trade marketing).

Our Team

Jean-Philippe Pérol

More than 40 years experience in airlines, tour operating, hotels, incoming and destination marketing
Graduated from Sciences Po Paris and from Sorbonne University (History), PHD from Paris Dauphine (International Business Management)
Born in Tunisia, lived and worked in Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Manaus, São Paulo, Frankfurt and New York for Air France, Wagon Lits and Atout France
Speaks French, Portuguese, English and Spanish

René Pérol

French and Brazilian, lived in Europe and Brazil
Eight years at the São Paulo Tourist Office as Director of Publications
Graduated from Miami Ad School / ESPM in São Paulo and Paris-Sorbonne University (International Relations)
Speaks French, Portuguese, English and Spanish

Fernanda Sarubbi

Partner/Tourism Sector
Brazilian, graduate in Tourism from the Sorbonne University (Paris)
Worked in a receptive agency in France
Ensures the daily interface with the most important partners
Is in contact with all professionals of the tourism sector throughout the Brazilian territory
Speaks Portuguese, French, English and Spanish

Renata Rodrigues

Partner/Food & Wine Sector
Brazilian, graduated in Communication in Brazil and postgraduate in France (Nancy and Paris)
Always worked in project management, event planning and operation
In recent years, works with promotion of products of the enogastronomic sector in the Brazilian and international markets
Speaks Portuguese, French and English

Ygor Gomes

Social Media
Brazilian, graduated in Social Communication from Universiade Anhembi Morumbi and also in Marketing from ETEC, he is responsible for planning, creating, posting, and interacting with online communities on Cap amazon and our customers.

Célia Lima

Assistant/Tourism Sector
Brazilian, 12 years experience in Tours Operators like Orinter and Nascimento
Graduated in tourism from the IFSP São Paulo
Organizes visits and is in charge of monthly reports
Produces professional events (trade)
Speaks Portuguese and English