Purpose: To consolidate the cherries of Chile in the Brazilian market as a healthy fruit highlighting the nutritional qualities and properties, encourage the consumption of cherries after the festive season of Christmas and New Year and strengthen the relationship with the press and generate an important media return

Mechanic: Trade marketing – conducting a tasting program at selected points of sale in São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná; B2B e-marketing action with import and distribution trade professionals; Digital Marketing – campaigning on social networks (Facebook and Instagram pages); and Relationship with the press / influencers – sending baskets of fresh cherries to selected influencers and holding a cooking class for 15 journalists and bloggers to launch the campaign

Results: Results in 3 years of campaign: 278 days of tasting in 103 points of sale in São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná, with 113,900 consumers reached, 41.5 million Internet users reached the fruit networks Chile, 324 articles / posts generated in print and online, 1.4 million readers / netizens reached and R $ 402,210.00 in advertising equivalent