Purpose: To increase the notoriety and attractiveness of French apples, valuing the modern image and the l’art de vivre à french; highlight the qualitative aspects of French production: origin, know-how, eco-responsibility; and promote fruit consumption and utilization versatility

Mechanic: Trade Marketing – conducting a tasting program at selected points of sale in São Paulo, Goiânia and Brasilia; sending e-news to a selection of import and distribution trade professionals; Press relations / influencers – press trip with a journalist to learn about apple production in France; sending fresh apple baskets to a selection of journalists and influencers; and holding a launch event at the residence of the General Consulate of France in São Paulo

Results: 142 days of tasting at 54 points of sale, 23,410 consumers reached, 171 media-generated articles, € 178,311.19 against advertising and more than 32 million readers reached